Dan Thurmon’s Breakthrough Experience

Amplify the impact of Dan’s keynote with this interactive team-building session.

When you engage Dan Thurmon as your keynote speaker, your people will be inspired. They will have an expanded perspective of the challenges they face, as well as new tools to overcome them. What they need next is to put the ideas into action. They need to make a breakthrough.

While most presentations are cognitive, studies prove that adults learn most by what we experience.  For this reason, Dan takes his audience to their feet and into action. This interactive session (typically 30-45 minutes in length) is available as an additional program when Dan is engaged for a keynote presentation.

Using the skill of juggling as an object lesson for peak performance, Dan teaches the audience how to learn new skills more quickly and work with greater focus in the midst of change.

This workshop is a fantastic and fun shared experience. And the real benefit is that it will inspire individuals to embrace changes with eagerness while teaching a process to generate results. You’ll be amazed at the excitement as people engage the challenge and experience personal breakthroughs.

Key learning points:

  • Where you place your focus is critical to your success.
  • You must first manage your thinking in order to manage your actions.
  • Replace self-doubt with self-honesty.
  • Start by mastering the basics.
  • Strive for consistency before adding complications.
  • Control your own pace, resisting the urge to rush.
  • Self-awareness (analysis of your results) enables progress.
  • Celebrate the successes along way, claiming improvement.

The Breakthrough Experience delivers:

  • A shared, uplifting, energy-packed experience that fosters connection.
  • A challenge that is both physical and intellectual, as participants apply these lessons to their work and life circumstances.
  • An encouraging, reality-based process to learn new skills more quickly.

“Change demands performance. Performance requires change. Nothing changes until you make a breakthrough.”   –Dan Thurmon