How Does He Do It?

People often wonder about Dan’s approach to fitness and health, and how he maintains his energy and capability, even as a “40-something” athlete. Dan is dedicated to a lifestyle of fitness and fully intends to remain active, agile, and capable of amazing feats well into his later years.

Dan believes there are three keys to maintaining and improving your health and skills:

  1. Exercise: cardio, strength, and flexibility.
  2. Training: not only using, but improving skills on a regular (daily) basis.
  3. Nutrition: Eating to live, not living to eat.


Watch the video to get a glimpse of what Dan does to stay tuned up and in shape. The key principle is that short, consistent “workouts” or training sessions on a daily basis have a huge impact over time. This clip showcases Dan’s commitment to do AT LEAST one thousand catches (while juggling five balls) on a daily basis and challenges the viewer to define and observe similar “daily disciplines” to become (and stay) successful. In addition to his juggling workouts, Dan regularly does handstand pushups, regular pushups, sit-ups, walks on a “slack rope” (for balance training) and rides unicycles to maintain and improve his fitness and skills.


You don’t have to do one specific workout or routine to stay healthy. In fact, Dan believes that a variety of activities is far more beneficial, providing you maintain a regular commitment to do “something” to stay active, have fun, and keep your body strong.

Often, while at home or in a gym, he works out on his Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (in Dan’s opinion, the very best cardio machine on the planet!). Dan also trains for strength and flexibility. But he pursues fitness no matter where he is or what he’s doing.

For example, Dan frequently walks (quickly), through airports, up escalators, on golf courses, and wherever he is going. Additionally, he enjoys “mountain unicycling” a fun activity that combines his passion for balance with an incredible, challenging workout. This video shows Dan and his friend Bobby Coggins participating in the “Muddy Buddy Bike and Run.” They were the only team in the entire race who rode unicycles, meaning they WON their category!


Dan likes to eat, and he eats well (both quality and quantity). But he also consumes (for the most part) a healthy diet: lots of fruits and vegetables, and typically fresh (not processed) foods. Dan drinks lots of water and no alcohol, although he does like coffee and chocolate. Dan loves to make green smoothies and even forces his kids to drink them. The truth is, they enjoy them and appreciate (or will when they are older) the thought and effort.