About The Learning Modules

Dan Thurmon’s Leaning Forward video-based learning modules are the perfect add-on to your event – they extend the impact and value of his keynote for a full year!

How it Works

Your attendees will get access to monthly learning modules on topics related to the customized keynote Dan created for your event. His insights and action steps will change your company’s culture, generate results, and boost workplace performance.

Keep your attendees connected to the ideas and excitement of the conference. Give them a year with Dan Thurmon!

“Your Lessons Learned segments were always carefully focused on our business and our unique market. I truly appreciate the enthusiasm and professionalism of every video.  Through your monthly message, we’ve been reminded to take the stage with passion, to keep looking up, to deliver excellence, to get better every day, to follow through, and—perhaps most important—to have fun along the way. You’ve enriched both our professional and personal lives and we will always be leaning forward, off balance on purpose.”

— Bill Foster

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