Come on the road with Dan Thurmon, and stay connected and committed to a process for improvement!

Use for Website So how do you leverage the impact to create lasting change?

The Off Balance On Purpose Video Series is a weekly resource to keep your team motivated and oriented to achievement. From wherever Dan’s travels and his speaking schedule takes him, he will produce a short, 3-4 minute video you will distribute to your team. These videos will be enjoyed and effective, as they are:

• Concise and relevant.
• Action oriented, providing immediately implementable ideas.
• Shot in a variety of locations, introducing the curious question, “Where is Dan is this week?”
• Based on real-time content and ideas Dan is learning, writing and experiencing.
• Branded with your logo, so there is an element of customization.


This resource transforms Dan’s Keynote from a “one time experience” to a “long-lasting partnership for success.”

So make Dan a member of your team, and look forward each week to the ideas and encouragement that will help you turn your ambitions into accomplishments!