Show-Stopping Performance. Life-Changing Message.

In today’s landscape, if an organization is standing still, it’s moving backward. Success depends on surpassing limits, embracing change, and outshining the competition.

But it’s easy to stay in a comfortable “box”—for complacency to replace creativity and innovation to stagnate. “Good enough” might just become the norm. Dan Thurmon reinvigorates audiences with action-packed messages that instill a passion to succeed that you just can’t put a price tag on.

Dan’s keynote performances help create a culture of continuous improvement by shattering self-imposed limitations, rekindling a commitment to excellence, and fostering mastery of change. Leaders get fired up and focused. Teams improve their execution. Employees scale the heights to peak performance.

Dan doesn’t just talk about peak performance. He personifies it.

He uses gravity-defying feats as his visual aids, delivering unforgettable messages with jaw-dropping style:

  • He demonstrates work-life balance with podium handstands.
  • He illustrates performing under pressure by juggling sharp objects.
  • He visually amplifies the principles of navigating change by weaving through the crowd on a six-foot unicycle.

And unlike traditional peak performance presentations, Dan’s message won’t start fading away as soon as the standing ovation dies down.

Dan infuses audiences with an immediate shot of adrenaline, sending them out the door with the confidence – and the tools – to begin implementing change immediately.

“If you limit yourself to what’s comfortable, you deny yourself what’s possible.”

-Dan Thurmon

Dan delivers experiences people will feel and remember. Are you ready for something unforgettable?

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Every Presentation Includes:

  • Personalized and fine tuned content
  • Unforgettable, jaw-dropping delivery
  • A powerful call to action
  • Guaranteed results
  • An exciting, thought-provoking experience!

Popular Topic Areas:

  • Corporate & Employee Wellness (Managing Stress)
  • Successful Work-Life Integration
  • Sales Performance
  • Navigating Change in Uncertain Times
  • Peak Employee Performance & Focus
  • Making Deliberate Connections


Dan’s peak performance keynotes can be tailored for audiences in both the public and private sector, including government, education, and enterprise organizations.

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Work-Life Balance

Off Balance On Purpose

Performance Excellence


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The Rhythm of Success

High Performance Sales

Selling is a Performance

"The visual impact of Dan’s presentation is the most effective form of communicating a message that I’ve ever seen. The team is still buzzing with excitement."

− Denise Billups, Director of Sales Execution and Operations,

"Your presentation was OUTSTANDING... All of our attendees have commented on how much they enjoyed your session – it was informational, motivational, and FUN!"

− Sarah Wegner, Director of HR, Drury Hotels

"You hit a home run with us! ... Your ability to weave what you learned during our meetings... really helped build up your credibility with our field staff. You had a perfect balance between entertainment and education."

− Mark G. Moraitakas, Chick-fil-a