Work-Life Integration That’s Possible, Not Perfect

Achieving a perfect balance between the demands of work and the complexities of life is an intriguing, desirable concept. It’s also completely unrealistic.

The common way of pursuing “balance” is entirely inadequate: We sell short our best efforts, burden ourselves with guilt, and exhaust our energy. Instead, we need to make an ongoing effort to infuse “life” into the workplace, and to let go of the notion of being perfectly balanced.

A New Standard for Balancing Work & Life

In this empowering keynote, Dan provides a new model for viewing work objectives. Instead of being separate or competing with life, they are a vital and connected component. Successful work-life integration fosters excellence, innovation, and loyalty among employees. Therefore, this presentation becomes the catalyst for an ongoing and transformational conversation and plan of action.

High-Impact, Unforgettable Presentation

Work-life integration speaker Dan Thurmon provides practical, reality-based solutions to help leaders and employees support one another personally, as well as professionally. And his presentation style? It’s nothing short of spectacular! Dan doesn’t stand behind a podium and talk about work-life integration – he does handstands on the podium to demonstrate what real balance actually looks like. Your audience will talk about this presentation for years to come!

Learning Objectives

As a result of attending this program, attendees will be able to:

  • Manage their energy and time more effectively.
  • Improve their ability to focus on the task at hand.
  • Understand that “Perfect Balance” is an unachievable goal.
  • Adopt an Off Balance On Purpose approach as a realistic and empowering alternative.
  • Name the Five Spheres of “Complete Success.”
  • Utilize “Lifelines” to integrate the aspects of life.
  • Have supportive and appropriate conversations with their peers about life outside the workplace.

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