Dan Uses Exciting, Yet Dangerous Elements to Illustrate Safety Principles Your Employees Will Not Only Remember… But Apply

Drawing on his background as a professional performer, acrobat and juggler of dangerous implements, Dan Thurmon knows firsthand the importance of Safe Danger. While other safety presentations rely on the perspective of an academic, trainer or accident victim, Dan speaks to your employees from the perspective of a high performer with certain, very real risks.

What this means for your organization is highly entertaining, yet effective safety presentations that deliver hard value. Dan has helped numerous companies lower the incidence of accidents, create more focused employees and create a Safe Danger mindset.

Custom Presentations for your Company

Every presentation Dan delivers is personalized to specifically address the audience, client objectives, and desired outcomes. Often, based upon pre-conference conversations, Dan will create a “synthesized” program, pulling relevant themes and segments from his experience and body of work. The end result is always an experience that is guaranteed to be exactly on target.


Dan’s Most Popular Safety Presentations

Dan's Safe Danger Safety PresentationSAFE Danger: Effectively Managing Uncertainty
and Risk

It may seem counter-intuitive to learn about safety from someone who performs back flips from chairs, balances on moving objects, and juggles axes. But, upon closer examination, it makes absolute sense. All jobs and endeavors contain elements of risk. Certain responsibilities and workplace environments require heightened attention to elements of danger. Dan will demonstrate how, by adopting the right approach, you can effectively eliminate the worst-case scenarios and ensure a long and healthy career. This safety presentation is both informative and exciting, as Dan incorporates examples and illustrations from his lifelong, successful performance career.

Dan's 'Avoiding the Drops' PresentationAvoiding the DROPS: Preventing Accidents Before They Happen

Adopting a SAFE Danger mindset is not a one-time event. It is a daily discipline and ongoing challenge to stay ahead of risks and mindful of the ever-present elements that can cause harm to you and your teammates. In this presentation, Dan goes deeper into the most common precursors to accidents: the DROPS. This acronym stands for Distractions, Rushing, Overload, Panic, and Stress. You will learn valuable techniques to keep your cool, manage your pace, and stay focused on what matters most: your SAFETY.

Dan's Safety Leadership PresentationLeading to SAFETY: Leadership Principles to Create a SAFE Danger Workplace

Safety is everyone’s responsibility, but leaders in high-risk environments have the daily challenge and requirement to communicate, monitor, and reinforce safety principles in real time. It is a dual role of encourager and enforcer. How do you make sure that the message doesn’t get “tuned out” and disregarded? Dan teaches how to stay tuned in to your employees and find creative ways to communicate safety principles, reinforce rules and protocols, and reward safety excellence where you see it.

Juggling for Life WorkshopJuggling for Life Workshop: Interactive Workshop

In this high energy interactive workshop (available as an addition to one of Dan’s keynotes) Dan helps your team discover important safety principles while teaching the entire audience how to juggle. Using customized juggling beanbag-balls (imprinted with YOUR logo), the entire audience learns this skill while discovering valuable lessons, such as:

  • Where you focus determines what happens.
  • Adopt a plan for learning and execution.
  • Learn from what happens and make corrections.
  • Manage your own pace.
  • Encourage one another’s success.
  • Have fun in the process

Imagine the excitement as your team breaks through previous barriers and learns this new skill together!