Off Balance On Purpose

Off Balance On Purpose

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Embrace Uncertainty and Create a Life You Love

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In Off Balance On Purpose, Dan frees readers from the “balance” dilemma and empowers them to adopt a new approach to creating a happy, fulfilling life: embrace reality, get aligned with your purpose, lean forward, and initiate positive changes. These steps will give readers the knowledge, strength, and motivation to accept and take advantage of the contradictions in our daily lives; integrate the five vital areas of life – work, relationships, health, spiritual growth, and personal interests – into a workable pattern, with strong, fluid connections between the areas; and adopt a practical, concrete process for orchestrating changes and staying aligned with one’s purpose.

What is OBOP?

Off Balance On Purpose, or OBOP for short, is both a philosophy and a plan of action. Both aspects are based in reality, not wishful thinking. The results, when people embrace these ideas, are energizing, liberating, and often transformational.

The Balance Dilemma

Every day, we are inundated with messages about the importance of finding “balance” in our lives. How does this make us feel? Overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and guilty. The problem isn’t us, however. It’s the message. Perfect balance is unachievable, unsustainable and (upon closer inspection) undesirable. The perpetual quest for balance often ends up limiting growth, progress, and the quality of life. We need a different approach to happiness, performance, and change.


The reality is that we are “Off Balance” every day, facing unexpected circumstances, impending uncertainty, or demands of time and energy. But being off balance is part of the human condition – our natural state of being. For that reason, this reality will not change in your lifetime. So being off balance is not a negative condition. It is a necessity for positive change. You MUST be off balance in order to learn, grow, love, serve, and improve.

The big question is: Are you off balance in response to your world (in perpetual “reaction mode”), or are you Off Balance On Purpose?

The phrase “On Purpose” carries two deliberate meanings:

  1. Intentional – You are taking ownership of your circumstances, setting the direction, and initiating changes deliberately.
  2. Connected to Meaning – You bring a sense of purpose, mission, and meaning into your day-to-day experience.

Both aspects are essential. Without accepting responsibility and control you will be forever a “victim of circumstances.” But without a sense of purpose or mission, you will be unclear about what matters most to you. You will end up substituting activity with meaningful accomplishment and exhausting yourself in the process.

The Plan of Action

In the book, Dan Thurmon conveys a detailed, five step process for implementing changes, personally or organizationally. The five steps are:

  1. Own Your Reality – You can only begin from your present circumstances, taking complete ownership of the situation and future outcome.
  2. Seek Your Purpose – Answer the question, “Why?”, relative to present tasks, as well as the bigger picture.
  3. Lean Forward – Initiate some positive action long before you have any guarantee of success. Make yourself uncomfortable.
  4. Leverage Your Resources – Make the best use of the skills, strengths, relationships, money, and all resources at your disposal.
  5. Follow Through – Sadly, most people quit when they begin to see progress. Maintain intention and commitment until you achieve

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