Start with Purpose

By September 20, 2017General, Work-Life Balance

Purpose doesn’t scream for your attention. It begs for your intention.

Who are you? What is it you truly value? What do you desperately want or wish to become?

These elusive, yet penetrating questions so often are drowned out by the loud, incessant sounds of the day. The demands of our immediate now ensure that the real questions, the essential questions, will wait a little longer. Another day. Next year.

But here’s the problem. If we don’t start with purpose, we can always re-engineer a reason why. The urgency takes front and center, and we then justify rationale for how we got here. Purpose can wait just a little longer. Right? Just how long are you willing to keep your calling on hold, and what might be the cost of indecision?

Dan Thurmon

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Dan Thurmon isn’t just a world-renowned Hall of Fame keynote speaker. He’s also an author, workplace performance expert, acrobat, and proud dad. Follow him here or on his social sites, and reach out when you have an important event or need Executive Coaching to better balance your work and life challenges.

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